What we did

Logo Design



Stationary design 


Brand assets 

Be Wild is an imaginary hair & beauty brand. The branding is minimalistic with the logo grabbing the attention. The aim was to create branding that differentiates from the competition. 


The mood board was created to inspire and to create a general theme.

The main theme here is the yin and yang sign, female face and natural colours. It was important for the hair & beauty brand to stay within the trends of using a females faces in their branding.

Logo rationale

Female faces and female features are often used in the hair & beauty industry as a logo. Therefore, it was a challenge to use a female face and still be able to stand out from the competition. The yin and yang sign was used as a strong inspiration for this logo design to create a unique logo that differentiates from the competition.  


The 2 colours from the yin & yang sign are black and white, therefore, these colours were used. To give a feminine touch, pastel pink was used as the background colour fro the logo. 


This font was chosen due to its thick and thin lines, this style presents a luxury feel, which is very important for a hair & beauty salon. This font will be used for headers, however, another font will have to be chosen for the body, as this font would be too complex to read in the body text. 

Instagram Highlight covers

This brand would use Instagram as its main social media platform, therefore, the branding has to be clear on Instagram as well. 4 icons were designed for the Instagram highlight covers were created that fit with branding, using both black and white to signify the yin and yang sign. 

Stationary design & brand assets 

Both stationary and brand assets were designed in a minimalistic way to allow the logo to shine! Sometimes the minimalistic approach is more effective as in this case adding more visual elements would distract the customers from the beautiful logo. The mockups have leaves framing the product to draw and guide the customer's eyes to the product and the logo. 


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