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Brand Identity

Poster design 

social media posts

Tasty is a Manchester chicken take away. The aim of this project was to create a strong brand identity for Tasty to compete with the current manchester take away's. A launching poster design was created that would also be posted on social media. Brand identity elements like colour, font and supporting elements have been chosen to create a strong identity. 

Tasty represents a brand, although,  the real brand is kept anonymous. Therefore, I quick logo has been created in the name of Tasty.

Launching poster design ideas & rational 

The aim was to create a luxury feel, therefore, the colours black and white were used to represent high quality (black) and purity (white) to represent the pure and natural ingredients suggesting high quality.

The main visual aim is to attract the customer's attention, the supporting elements e.g burger/ chefs hat etc is to create further interest in the posters, these supporting elements are vital to represent the brand personality.

Finally, a bold font was used for "Coming soon", to represent the bold brand and the bold food.

The posters are represented on a red wall to draw interest and one of the posters is presented on a billboard in a city centre to show a real-life example of how the posters would look against concrete, the boldness of the design draws the customers attention similar to the red background. 

Social media post

The client has chosen this poster design and wanted to present it on social media specifically on Instagram on a 9 grid layout, to reveal and excite the customers. 


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