What we did

Brand identity

Logo design

Packaging design 

Tampax is a popular tampon brand, this is an exercise with the aim to redesign the brand identity and packaging. 


For the redesign the first steps were to change the typography and colours and create something more welcoming and inviting, therefore creams and greens were chosen. The typography and illustration are curvey to express the inviting and welcoming feeling which rounded shapes create. Periods are an uncomfortable and annoying experience therefore creating more fun and inviting packaging can make the experience just a little better.  Any unneeded information such as photography of tampons and a view into the box with tampons was removed, women know what a tampon is and it was found that it doesn't do any positives for the packaging. The packaging also seemed to aim for a retro vibe but was unsuccessful so this was worked on to create a retro and modern feel. Overall the packaging is modernised and is now more minimalistic.