What we did

Brand Identity, Print, Digital, UX & UI Design

Den is an eco-energy company who are developing a state of the art system that lets you control the heating in your home from anywhere in the world via a mobile app. Our task was to a minimalistic and modern look.

Design Process & Brand identity

We created a minimalistic and modern design using line art. The logo had to communicate to the audience (20- 30-year-olds) what the brand is about. Using the elements: house, plant and clouds, in the name an arrow was used for the "D" to represent the smart side of Den. Repetition of some of these elements was used in the pattern design.

The first design created responded to a popular design seen in home heating services, simple home silhouette. To enforce, differentiation between Den and competition, we used different elements, as well as, a house.

Stationary design

The stationary design has a minimalistic and modern approach, using the brands elements and ensuring the stationary is visual to attract the target audience.


Website design

The website allowed the brand to come to life! Using a strong visual of a house as the background and using the brand's playful pattern to place the client in ease when creating their decision.


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