Lemons fallings with the logo happy hour ontop

Scope of work

Brand identity (Logo design & colours etc)

Packaging design

Social media templates

Who is happy hour?

Happy hour is an alcohol-free cocktail brand. Targeting 21-30-year-olds, Happy Hour wants to break the stigma of needing alcohol to have fun.


Currently, Happy hour doesn't represent what they stand for. It is important to make the cans stand out on the shelf, something that would make a mocktail look way more appealing than cocktails. 

Creative direction

Happy Hour is really bright and playful, therefore, it is important to show this in the branding. The brand values should also be represented, which are fun, friendly, exciting & bold 

pop art inspired can design for alcohol-free cocktail brand
pop art inspired social media posts for instagram designed for alcohol-free cocktail brand
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pop art inspired label for a can including illustrations of females designed for alcohol-free cocktail brand

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