How to create a creative CV?

Updated: Jan 9

Follow these 5 tips that I used when making my creative CV

Why Do you need a creative CV?

If you are applying for creative roles in the creative industry like graphic design or photography, it’s important to stand out! The first contact with an employer is usually your CV, therefore, your CV should represent you and your style!

1. Avoid Microsoft Word

Looking back, this is a given! However, when creating my first graphic design CV I used word as I felt like I am obligated to use it, which is false! According to CreativeBloq, you should avoid Microsoft word; it is very limited in many aspects such as layout! When I was creating my CV, I was aware I had to create something that stands out, but I couldn’t do it in Microsoft word as the most you can do is use boxes and change the colour.

The best tools for making your CV is Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe photoshop due to their flexibility with layout that lacks in Microsoft word. Although make sure it is readable!

2. Colour

Colour is a powerful way to catch the employer’s attention as well as show off your personality! For example, I wanted to show my happiness and positivity, therefore, I used yellow. It is also important to be consistent, for example, yellow is a major part of my personal branding.

Although, don’t forget to ensure your CV is readable and simple!

3. Font

Similar to colour, font can also be used to catch employer’s attention if a unique font is used, as well as, show of your personality and/ or show off your style! E.g a round and bubbly font is a fun font this can represent you as a person.

The font I used was based on the font I used on my website, which is more interesting than times new roman or Arial but still easy and fast to read.

4. Use visuals

According to movableink, using pictures, infographic or videos is powerful as 90% of information processed by the brain is visuals therefore use this to your advantage! Visuals are a great way to grab attention and make your reader interested to read your CV as images are processed 60,000 times faster than text and 80% of people remember what they see making your CV memorable! It’s also a good way to show off your skills and work!

5. The most important thing is to be creative, represent yourself as a person and attract the jobs you are interested in!

1 Thing to Avoid

Things to avoid in a creative CV

1 thing I would avoid is these bars, they look good in theory, however, they can focus on the negatives. On your CV you want to present the things you know and don't let the employer focus on the things you don't! So I would avoid using these.

My Graphic Design CV

Buzzy Graphics Manchester UK graphic designer resume CV Curriculum vitae hire now a graphic designer illustrator freelancer

If you are looking for a graphic designer please contact me HERE

Hope this was helpful and good luck in creating your CV!

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*Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and my personal tips. At the end of the day, you should create your own rules and tips*


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