Introducing the Buzzy Graphics Blog

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Welcome to the Buzzy Graphics blog!

I’m Kamila but I go by Kami, a Marketing Management university student, I became interested in graphic design during one of my marketing units based on creating a brand extension, I wanted to go an extra mile for my course work and decided to learn the basics of adobe illustrator to produce my visual identity for my brand extension.

I class myself as a creative individual, yet I never found the time to stop in my day and draw,

I was inspired, motivated and passionate about moving this hobby into a business, I started off with T-shirt designs which weren’t successful!

From there I continued with Fiverr and explored further into the freelancing websites and learned more from a variety of YouTube videos, Coursera and Linkedin learning as I earned more I wanted to become a real business and have a real and professional presence, hence, I started this website and this blog!

I am still learning and have a long way to go where I want to be in my graphic design career, this is just the start! So, stay tuned as I will be sharing my knowledge, experiences and challenges with graphic design.

And props to my boyfriend who has pushed me to do all this – still can’t stop hearing the I told you so’s!

Useful information and links:

If you are starting to learn graphic design or want to recap on and fill in the blanks in your graphic design knowledge, I found these links very useful! Coursera offers a certificate when you complete the course and after completing the LinkedIn learning you can share the certificate on your profile! This is great to improve your Linkedin and CV!



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