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Roots is an interior design company specialising in sourcing bespoke fixtures, fittings, features and furniture. They are perfectionists in their craft and are well known for their attention to detail and unique style.

The brand believes in less-is-more, therefore, a minimalistic style was used throughout the visual branding, however, it is also important to show the luxury side of Roots.

Design Process & Brand identity

The first steps of branding is looking at competition and looking for inspiration, then the brainstorming begins!

For this design, it was important to meet the brand's keywords include Luxury, quality, trust, value, high end, beautiful, one of a kind.

The logo design is minimalistic using an "R" from "Roots", the "R" is presented on its side, with a house inside the white space, the leg of the "R" is connected with the body to create another building, this is an effective way to represent the brand's purpose - interior design. This logo design is unique due to the usage of the name to create the logo.






The brand believes in less-is-more, therefore, the first 4 colours chosen are pale to represent the minimalistic side of the brand. These colours represent a calm minimalistic style, in addition, the first colour is a tone of gold which represent luxury, high quality, high end.

This specific colour was chosen as a background colour as presented above it works perfectly with all 4 colours, this would be perfect to use as a background colour for their website as it doesn't bring to much attention and complements the main colours.



A font, like to a logo design or other aspect within visual branding has to represent the brand.

The Fino Sans font was chosen due to its variety of width, this creates the feeling of sophistication and professionalist yet the font is interesting and unique which perfectly represent interior design.

Stationary design and brochure

The stationary design is minimalistic and modern focusing on the logo. The brochure is also minimalistic, although, it includes more visual elements to engage the reader.

Website Design

A website mockup was created to fit with the branding, the design is minimalistic to fit with the requirements of the rebranding.

website mockup visual branding graphic design
website branding
website branding
website branding
website branding


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