What we did

Brand Identity, Print

Greg Westwood media is a photography and videography business, therefore, it was vital to create a brand identity that represents the creative industry.


Design Process

The 4 logo designs have small differences, however, it was important to create the perfect logo design representing creativity. These logo designs were constructed with simple shapes to represent an "M" for Media and "W" for Westwood.

The colour palette had to fit the minimalistic style and be professional, therefore, these shades of white, grey and black were chosen. The white and black colour's are not fully white/ black this allows for slight variations.



The font "Forum" was chosen to fit with the minimalistic and professional theme.

Front project1.png
Front project.png
Business card design

The business card design is minimalistic and professional to fit with the theme. The line under was created to add some variation and make the design more interesting.