What we did

Logo Design




Illustrations & patterns

Juice brand from scratch! The name of this brand is "POP N FRUIT" and the requirement is to create a brand identity. 

A moodboard is an important place to start before any designing is done, this allows for a deeper understanding of the theme and ideas.

Moodboard and idea collection

Logo rationale

A funky and playful brand needs a funky and playful font! This font has a lot of character and personality which is required for a playful brand. The droplet in the "O"  was created to enhance the juiciness in the juice.  The 2 squiggles were created to fill in the empty space, as well as, to signify playfulness.

The layout for the packaging was very important it gave high priority for the logo as well as the main ingredient. A full label was not used to show the potential customers the juice. 

The main illustration is a simplified version of the fruit rather than using the fruit itself, this gives a level of playfulness. 

At the bottom, the content of the juice is shown in playful illustrations, to allow the potential customer to know what exactly is inside. The border for the ingredient does not have straight lines to mimic the squiggle from the logo as well as continue the playful personality.

packaging desing rationale

pattern design

The juices ingredients will be used as a pattern that can be used on social media post background, future packaging e.g. boxes and website.


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