What we did

Brand Identity, Illustration, Packaging, Slogan

Beyou is an exciting and disruptive health bar. Its main target audience is ‘millennial women on the move’. The aim is to create an active, vibrant, fun and social brand and brand visuals to represent BeYou.

Brand identity

The logo design is representing a person with their hand in the air, this simple and minimalistic logo design was created to represent the personality and emotion of the brand.

Design Process

The logo design construction began with research after the research was completed these 3 logo sketches were created. The main goal was to create a logo design to represent the fun and excitement that the bar would create.


The font alike to the logo design or any graphic design is important in creating a brand personality that consumers can easily understand. For BeYou it was important to show the fun side throughout the brand, therefore, this bubbly fun font was chosen.

Pattern illustrations, tone of voice and copy display.

The pattern illustration for the packaging is the first thing a consumer sees, therefore, the pattern has to be eye-catching, as well as, has to represent the fun brand personality, hence the vibrant colour pallet was used.

The tagline needed to portray confidence. 3 different taglines were created "Be confident" "Be free" and "Be happy", these taglines were combined to create "Be confident, Be free, Be happy, BEYOU!"

The copy display contains an eyecatching bold border, the fun tone of voice was needed to be represented in the packaging.



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