Meet the maker

I was always a creative person, but never knew how to really use it other than art, which is not a promising career compare to business studies. So, I studied marketing, and it all started in my 2nd year of university, one of my units was to create a brand extension which we covered visual branding! For hopefully extra marks and add persoanlity into my presentation I used Adobe Illustrator for the first time! 

After that unit I started to use Adobe for arty stuff, I tried to make designs for tops (that business idea flopped), then I created character logos to finally starting branding and getting this website up and running.

Buzzy Graphics was finally born!

Now, I am 20 years old, I graduated from university and I am passionate about design and I know this was where I was suppose to be, here working with bold, feminine and empowering brands!


"Really helped me up my game!"

"Kami at Buzzy Graphics was a real delight to work with! She really understood what I wanted to achieve from my Curiously Daisy brand and helped me develop an identity. She was very experienced and professional, with a human appreciation for what it takes to develop a business from the ground up. I would recommend Kami for all aspects of design - she really helped me up my game!"

Sophie from Curiously Daisy