What we did

Logo Design



Illustrations & patterns


Brand assets 

Enchanted Candle is an imaginary brand that offers hand made and sustainable candles. The idea behind the branding is to combine the tarot card feel and style to a candle brand. The aim was to create a magical and mystical brand. 


The mood board was created to inspire and to create a general theme. The idea is to create a tarot card style brand, therefore, important elements are the moon, sun and stars. 

Logo rationale

One of the tarot cards called "the hermit" has a lantern with a 6 point star, this was the main inspiration behind this logo as it can easily represent a candle brand. Lanterns are also popular decor for candle lovers which fits the target audience as well as having a clear link to the tarot cards creating this magical and mystical feel.


The logo can also be split into 2 creating the visual element logo and the word type logo as a stand-alone logo offering different alternatives of the logo. The word type logo still contains its strong links to the brand by presenting the stars on either side of the word "candle"


This font was chosen due to its thick and thin lines which perfectly fit with the logos thick and thin lines. It is good practice to mimic the style of the logo in the font. 


The main brand colours is this dark blue and this goldy colour, these colours combined create this magical feel around the brand. 

Patterns & Illustrations

The patterns include the eye, moon and stars from the mood board. 2 flowers/ herbs are also included in the patterns which also creates this witchy magical feel. The simpler version of the lantern is also a part of the pattern as it is the main element of the logo, the ray of light is also included. All of the elements create a magical and mystical feel around the brand. 

Business card design

The business cards play an important role for this brand as is the closest to the tarot cards, therefore the style of the business cards had to have this tarot card feel creating a magical moment. 

Packaging design

When the customer gets their package they should feel like they entered a realm of magic, they should feel excited. The packaging should create a sense of a luxury magical item. 

Brand Assets

With such a beautiful design it would be a waste not to create other merch such as a hoodie and tote bag! The target audience should want to feel a part of the brand which these items offer. 

Buzzy graphics creates a magical and mystical candle brand from scratch including logo colour font pattern & illustration candle box packaging design a brand assets
Website design

A simple website was created including a landing page, shop front, about us section, good to know section and a contact form. The shop front is the most important aspect of this website, therefore only the 2 products per row were created to allow the customer to see the most detail in the products. 


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