What we did

Illustrations, Packaging

Rosa is a coffee and plant business, the business targets young people and aims to create a beautiful green space in the middle of a city for people to relax and enjoy the company of nature.

This brief already contained a visual identity containing a logo design, font, colour choices. Therefore, it is important for the illustrations and packaging to fit this theme.

Pattern design

This pattern design contains 5 elements which can be easily used on stationery and social media this was a big factor for this brand. To keep within the already made brand identity, simple hand-drawn elements were created for the pattern design, the background is splattered dots to fit with the dots within the already made logo design, this represents a hand made feel.

Social media examples

Using the brand identity, patterns and illustrations, we created the social media examples, presenting how the elements can all be combined to make a coherent and attractive social media post.

Packaging mockup


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