What we did

Logo Design

Background / pattern design 

Instagram highlight covers

Font choice 

Amelia the Dog Trainer required a powerful brand identity that stands out from the crowds and allows for her business to be more recognisable.

The logo design is a combination of a female's face (representing the business owner) and a german shepherds face (representing the business owners dog). This suggests that the trainer has to have a connection with dogs and that the aim is for the owners and their pets to work as one and trust one another. 


The aim of the logo was to create a minimalistic style using line art. 


Logo rational

Sketches & idea process

The sketches included variations of the dog's face and female's hairstyles, this could be mixed and match offering the client many options. 

Instagram Covers

The Instagram cover highlights for reviews, tips, nutrition, training, and Cassius ( business owners dog) have been created to fit the new logo and brand identity.


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