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Logo Design




Illustrations & patterns

Bakery brand from scratch! This branding was created for a small local business " I baked this" and the aim for this branding was to create a colourful and playful brand.

Logo, colour and font rationale

This font was choosen due to its bold and playful nature which is required for a playful brand personality. To match this font the logo required thick lines. The main illustration is a piping bag to represent the baking element of the business. The 5 lines were created to fill in the empty space, as well as, to signify playfulness. The colours used are bright and colourful to represent the playful personality of the brand.

The main aim of the logo, colour and font is to represent a playful, bold and colourful personality of the brand. 

pattern and illustrations rationale

The pattern and illustrations mimicked the thickness of the line from the logo, the piping bag is also used in the patterns as well as other baking-related objects and ingredients. 

Packaging & print design 

The bags and boxes will have 4 variations as seen with the bags. 

The business card is shaped in a circle as this is more unique compare to a normal rectnagle shape business card the logo can be clearly seen on one side with information on the other side with a small area for the brand patter.


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