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Branding is what makes your company recognisable! A successful brand has to be easily identified, this is what branding does using brand name, brand symbol, brand colours and more! Consistency is key!

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Illustration and packaging play a big role in branding! Communication through illustration and packaging needs to fit with your brand identity, as mentioned above, consistency is key!


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Offering freelance graphic design services in manchester and remotely specialised in branding and illustrations

Hi, I am Kami, I am the designer who started Buzzy Graphics, which is based in Manchester (UK), and if you know anything about Manchester you know we love bees! with the iconic bee scattered around the city centre!

I studied marketing management which helped me explore my interest in graphic design! When working on a project I combine my marketing knowledge from my degree as well as graphic design knowledge and skill when working on projects!

If you are interested in working with me don't hesitate to contact me  



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